My work is based on 25 years living and breathing corporate communications in every form – media relations, crisis communications, employee communications, government affairs, investor relations, executive visibility/thought leadership, you name it! And I grew up in the practice coordinating with every department imaginable – marketing, HR, Legal, product development, customer service, operations, insurance, medical and more.

The most important thing you should know about me? I want to up-end the PR world and create more consistency in the way we define and practice our work.

I want communicators to fully embrace a “strategy-first” mindset so we stop wasting time, budget and outlandish amounts of effort on activities that do nothing to profoundly impact the success of the organizations we support.

That means I believe PR > media.

For me, public relations is truly about relating to various publics. And our work should never, ever, EVER (got that?) be done apart from the strategic priorities of our company or clients.

It’s so important to me that you buy in to this that I’ve created the Strategy-First PR Pledge.

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