"It's time for PR and marketing pros to abandon the 'PR=Media' mindset."

Jennifer R. Hudson President, ThinkBeyond Public Relations

You were meant for so much more!

Your client needs a
communications strategist

It should always be you.

Even if they don’t realize it, your clients need someone firmly focused on the big picture.

The bold leader who speaks up and says “Why are we doing this?”

The person who ensures every news release, company email, speech or social media post supports company goals.

Your clients need this kind of strategist.

And it should always be you.

I get it. It can be tough to convince them, especially if..

  • you’re slammed with reactive PR campaigns and one-off projects
  • you don’t know how to raise the red flag about the inconsistency and lack of alignment in their communications or…
  • you’re feeling the pressure to get out yet another press release (sigh)

This reactive focus prevents companies from fully engaging audiences, growing their brand, and making more money.

You may not be sure how to shift their focus to a more strategic approach, but I do. 


And I can help.

Hi, I'm Jennifer

Hi, I'm Jennifer

I mentor public relations and marketing consultants with 10+ years experience to get buy-in, prepare for and lead cross-departmental corporate messaging sessions they can add as a service offering for a minimum of $5K forever.

I’ve been teaching PR, marketing and development leaders how to facilitate these sessions for the last decade. I’m driven by a passion to move our industry beyond the “PR = media” mindset so we can embrace the strategist our clients need us to be.

For 25 years, I’ve helped global companies, emerging businesses and nonprofits match their communications activities to business goals. When they do, they save time and money, directing resources to the target audiences they most need to reach.

Like most of us, I started my career in media relations. While working full time and attending grad school, I became convinced we were boxing ourselves in with a narrow definition of public relations. I decided to intentionally step out of that box.

When I did, I enhanced my reputation as a trusted advisor, impacted my clients’ business more than a news release could ever do, and increased revenue with premium services. I also had more fun.

My 5-week program, Corporate Messaging for Communicators, includes online videos and live, interactive mentoring with me via Zoom. The live sessions allow me to tailor the detailed research training, six-phase messaging framework and facilitation skills you’ll learn to your unique needs. You’ll also benefit from our community of experienced communications professionals in small-group settings.

You were meant for
so much more

If you’re ready to increase revenue, have greater impact with your work, and become the communications strategist your clients need, we may be the perfect match.

The right person for the program will start generating $5K+ for every messaging session they lead. You should be able to add the sessions as a service offering immediately upon completion of the program.

Past clients have doubled or tripled their initial investment and led their own messaging session within a few weeks.

Ready to go? Reach out today. If you ’ re a good fit, I’ll sign you up immediately.

Are you an emerging business or nonprofit ready to professionalize your communications? Let's chat!

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