Propel PRM

Jennifer Hudson and Eitan Goldstein: Corporate Messaging That Makes a Difference

What’s the point of PR coverage if it’s not backed by a genuine reality? For this webinar, Think Beyond Public Relations President Jennifer Hudson and Propel Communications Manager Eitan Goldstein spoke about how to inform your PR strategy with authentic messaging that makes a real difference in the world and leads to more powerful news placements.

MasterClass With BizHack Academy

Communications Magic: Speaking From Your Core

Jennifer shares the strategic communications planning process and discusses the importance of operationalizing core values during the concluding session of BizHack's Masterclass series for small business owners. The series was hosted in partnership with Miami-Dade County's Strive 305 program.

The Nonprofit Show

Strategic Communications Is Capacity-Building for Nonprofits
Conveying that effective communication is most often the master variable to successful capacity development for nonprofits, Jennifer R. Hudson, the CEO of ThinkBeyond Public Relations, reveals how to identify target audiences and the 5 questions you must answer in order to develop messaging that is strategic, clear and authentic.

Strategic Magazine

Check out this interview in the Summer 2021 issue of Strategic Magazine where I discuss the differences between public relations and marketing.

Lead Balloon Podcast

Three weeks after accepting a new role as an American Airlines spokeswoman in 1995, Jennifer R. Hudson was paged out of bed in the middle of the night.

The worst had happened.

You can learn more about the crash of Flight 965 in this episode of Mayday, from which we sampled some expert interviews, survivor recollections and black box reenactments to help build context for Jennifer's story.

The Nonprofit Show

Authentic and Empathetic Crisis Communications
Relying on your organizations core values, written planning, committing financial resources, and even role playing are pathways to being ready for a crisis. These lead to establishing the authentic and empathetic voice needed to remain ahead of the crises. ThinkBeyond Public Relations shares the methodology of preparing for the unexpected.

The Nonprofit Show

Strategic Communications for Your Nonprofit
Communicating Strategically means being Bold and Listening Deeply. Our guest, Jennifer R. Hudson of ThinkBeyondPR, explores the three "C"s of successful communications for your Nonprofit.

The National Association of Women Business Owners

Share Your Story
In this episode, we dig a little deeper with Strategic Communications Expert, and CEO of ThinkBeyond Public Relations, Jennifer R. Hudson. We talked about parenting, pandemic projects and pivots, and the passion that she has for her brand and industry. If you don't have time to watch, hit play when in the car, and listen!



During this 4-week series on strategic communications, I interviewed three expert guests for their unique take on the key phases of communications planning: Research, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation. It’s perfect for communications and marketing pros who are looking for a way to reimagine their business through a strategic lens and want to gain the confidence to charge premium fees.


Webinar with BizHack Academy

Wondering Where to Pivot? Start with Values
This #BizHackLive webinar hosted by Jennifer Hudson of ThinkBeyond Public Relations was an amazingly interactive conversation for small businesses facing times of uncertainty.