"A collaborative approach will always lead to more strategic, powerful and effective communications."

Need help getting staff in multiple departments aligned around clear, concise messaging? Want to bring key stakeholders together to develop (or revisit) the core values, vision and mission that will serve as the foundation for your company’s operations, systems, practices and policies?

Let’s get them together.

These engaging, interactive sessions are designed to pull out the best in everyone, which means you’re also pulling out the best of the brand.

Strategic Corporate Messaging

Messaging and target audiences are the two most critical components of any communications plan. A corporate messaging session is a powerful way to determine both.

In this 3-5 hour cross-departmental workshop, we’ll examine your business through five important lenses:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Who you serve
  • How you are unique
  • Why anyone should care

During the session, I serve as an objective third-party guiding you and your colleagues to uncover who your organization needs to reach to achieve its business goals and what you should say to engage and motivate them to act.

Key internal stakeholders are involved in the process – marketing, sales, HR, board members, and yes, even the legal team – because they all have a part to play in how you define and describe your brand.

Corporate messaging workshops can be included in a comprehensive communications planning process or as a one-off session to help refresh and update your business story.

We generate conversation and land on your ideal messaging concepts through a process of

Brainstorm | Prioritize | Agree, asking specific questions that direct participants to highlight the uniqueness of your business story based on what really matters to your target audiences. They are then challenged to justify their responses with a tangible service, product, practice, policy or other evidence.

The backgrounding work I do on your company, customers and competitors allows me to tailor the workshop to your business. The best part is that key departments leave with a clear idea and agreement on how you talk about who you are.

The results are pure magic: clear, concise, messaging that can be used consistently by everyone as the starting point for all of your communications!

Schedule a free 30-minute consult with me to discuss how a strategic corporate messaging workshop can help you uncover the magic of your brand.

For Communicators

Want to develop professionally and gain new skills and expertise to guide your organization to clearer, more concise, more aligned messaging targeted at the right audiences?

You may be the perfect fit for Corporate Messaging for Communicators, my 5-month program for PR and marketing professionals.

Step into Your Moxie®

As a certified Step into Your Moxie®️ facilitator, I equip business and nonprofit leaders and their teams to speak up about the issues and ideas important to them, to have daring conversations and to feel more empowered to move people to take action.

[SIYM] Certified Facilitator Badge for Download

Step into Your Moxie®️ Vocal Empowerment experiences are unique because:


  • They address the interrelated skills connected to vocal empowerment: inner voice, physiological sensations, sculpting and delivering high-impact messaging, authentic presence, and communication that moves people to take action.
  • They integrate self-empowerment with social justice.
  • They give participants the opportunity to use improv, role play, and other experiential activities to practice and solidify their communication skills.
  • They are trauma-sensitive.
  • They center and elevate people with marginalized identities – and support participants to do the same.

Let's chat about how I can bring Step into Your Moxie® experiences to your organization!

Core Values, Vision and Mission (CVVM)

Businesses thrive or fail based on how well they “walk the talk” on core values, vision and mission. Your organization’s core values should be deeply embedded in decision-making, policies, systems, and practices for every area of your operations - from hiring and firing to partnerships.

Whether you’re an emerging business or nonprofit, or an established organization in need of a branding re-boot, investing the time to develop core values, vision and mission statements is the most important communications activity you will ever do.

In the CVVM workshop, I use probing questions to help you and your colleagues identify, prioritize and define the values that highlight the true character of your organization. We’ll then follow a similar process to create a vision that inspires and develop a mission that motivates. The resulting core values, vison and mission statements can and should be used to impact every business decision made.

Participants are encouraged to discuss openly and honestly about whether or not the values, vision and mission are an authentic reflection of your organization for staff, customers, partners, donors, and other key stakeholders.

CVVM workshops can also be used as “accountability” sessions to explore with an objective third party how well the organization (and staff) is living up to its values in light of current or potential changes in the business, economic, social and political landscape.

Schedule a free, 30-minute consultation with me to discuss whether or not your organization is ready for a CVVM workshop.

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