2020 Launch!


You know clear, concise, consistent messaging targeted at the right audiences is the key to long-term communications success, but how do you get them to see it?

There’s a social media post communicating one message and an email about that same topic conveying something completely different – and they’re both targeted at the same audience! And don’t even mention the internal company note explaining it all to staff!
I’ve been talking to PR/communications, marketing and fundraising pros for the last year and I’ve heard it all:
”We over-communicate, but we aren’t communicating the right messages.”
“We do so much. It’s very difficult to communicate so many things.”
“They’re not going to listen to me.”
“We have a culture of working in silos.”
“They’ll want the strategic work for free.”

You know your organization needs to address communications more strategically, but you don’t know where to start. And you’re just too busy. Your colleagues are busy. Senior leaders won’t “get it” anyway, or worse, even care at all.
Is that you? Beginning with the “no” in mind?
I have an answer. Book a discovery call with me.
I have a messaging framework that helps my clients save time, money and effort targeting their communications activities at the right audiences. The process has allowed me to demonstrate the value of a strategic approach and earn the respect of senior leaders.
I’m accepting clients for a 2020 launch on Tuesday, January 14 to teach the process.
Let’s chat to see if you’re a good fit for my course and coaching program.
After our talk, I’ll pass along a copy of my Strategic Messaging Tip #1 to help you start communicating the value of this important work right now! 
Click now to book your discovery call. Know someone who needs to read this? Please pass it along!

Warm regards and Happy Thanksgiving!
Jennifer R. Hudson
ThinkBeyond Public Relations
IG: @thinkbeyondpr

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