What I Intend to Do (or Not Do) this Holiday Season

If you’re like me, you’re already imagining the upcoming holidays. It’s been a crazy autumn and I’m ready for a serious slowdown. 

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about where I want to focus for the new year and have already put plans in place and hired support to help me get there. I’m also actively helping my clients, mentees and family do the same (especially the high school senior applying to colleges!).

I’m a planner, so all of my holiday shopping is usually done weeks in advance. I’m the one in the grocery stores at the crack of dawn getting all of my Thanksgiving shopping done one week ahead of time. 

All that advance work may sound great in theory, but I know my efforts to “hurry up so I can slow down,” may mean I’m missing some beautiful “now” moments.  

Have you ever felt like that? 

If so, I encourage you to remember to pause. Give yourself some grace – and those around you as well. Consider how you might adjust your calendar to make time for yourself. 

The holidays can be particularly challenging – especially for PR pros working to wrap up year-end activities and position their organizations well for the new year. 

Release. Detach.

Remember to take the time to fill your own cup.

Serve others well, but don’t lose “you” in the process. 🧡

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