I Choose Gratitude

There’s nothing I love more than a table full of family and friends discussing interesting topics around delicious food or drinks, so Thanksgiving has always been particularly meaningful for me. 

I’m not gonna lie – when my eyes were opened to the sadness the holiday represents for many Native Americans, it left a hole. I have the same nagging void with the Fourth of July (we weren’t all free). 

I think I’ve found a way to make peace with both by choosing to focus on gratitude.

I’m thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to travel across three different time zones this fall and have great conversations around meals or drinks with people from all walks of life. My family and I noshed on gourmet pizzas and drinks at my niece’s wedding while dressed as “Elegant Incredibles.” 

At a client’s conference, I played the part of “roving reporter” and interviewed attendees from France, Spain, South Korea, and different parts of the U.S. who are passionate about helping others heal and live healthier lives. 

My husband and I met an Olympic medalist mountain biker over a fire pit in chilly Vermont who communicated through her partner by typing notes on her phone. She was protecting her vocal cords from the freezing winds she experienced as she trained.

I got to spend quality time with a college friend and eat, drink, laugh, and chat with the amazing social justice warriors in her life.

And I spent time sharing insights with six communications leaders during a private, executive roundtable (more of these coming in 2023!) that I hosted at PRSA ICON, the annual industry conference hosted by the Public Relations Society of America. We discussed how we can do a better job of “strategic messaging” not only for the companies we serve but also for ourselves. The key for both is a powerful framework, which I told them equips us with the ability to help entire organizations, discover our own unique voice, and gain the confidence to step boldly into any room. 

I also met people at ICON who I’d only “talked” to on LinkedIn for the past two years! It was incredibly moving to hear my industry colleagues say they value and appreciate what I share in my social media posts.

As the year winds to a close, I’m thankful to have the chance to slow down, cook up a storm, and enjoy some much-needed downtime with my family.

I’m also thankful to you for reading what I have to say. I hope I add value to your life.

I wish you a relaxing, peaceful week filled with gratitude!