cropped shot of businessman presenting gifts to colleagues in office

Happy Holidays!

By Jennifer R. Hudson / December 20, 2019

I used to make detailed Christmas lists when I was a kid. One year, I wanted a “Colorburst 250” camera. I talked about it forever. Just to be absolutely certain there would be no confusion with the “150” (which didn’t have the flash), I cut out a photo of it and put it on the fridge. “Here,…

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Software engineers working on project and programming in company

Magic In The Messaging Video

By Jennifer R. Hudson / December 13, 2019

Hi! Check out my video where I talk about my passion for the messaging work I do. If you’re ready to show up big in 2020, let’s go!  Corporate Messaging for Communicators launches on January 14. There are only a few spots left! Click here to schedule a call with me today. We’ll talk about how you can get enrolled. And…

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Team of architects and project managers at office meeting

2020 Launch!

By Jennifer R. Hudson / November 26, 2019

Hi! You know clear, concise, consistent messaging targeted at the right audiences is the key to long-term communications success, but how do you get them to see it? There’s a social media post communicating one message and an email about that same topic conveying something completely different – and they’re both targeted at the same audience! And don’t even…

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