Are You Like Me?

By Jennifer R. Hudson / March 31, 2021

If you’re like me, you want to use your communications expertise to help clients nurture and strengthen relationships with all the people most important to them – inside and outside the organization – so they can be more successful. You know businesses thrive when they approach communications strategically, so when you witness how internal issues…

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Don’t Use That Tone With Me

By Jennifer R. Hudson / March 2, 2021

In the world of communications, we must always be attuned to tone. We should be continuously listening and looking at the social, political, economic landscape to help us decide whether or not the brand’s tone is appropriate for the moment.

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Companies need to take a parental "time out"...

Time for a Time Out?

By Jennifer R. Hudson / February 17, 2021

My husband and I have always tried to communicate with one voice to our kids. It’s even more important now that they’re teens. We don’t always get it right, of course, but when we realize we’re being inconsistent, we take a parental “time out” to confer and course-correct. Our delivery may be different, but the…

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By Jennifer R. Hudson / February 3, 2021

We’re one month and a few days in, y’all. I already feel my word for the year (fearless) has been tested. For 2021, my “fearless” means being deliberate and unapologetic about asking for what I need and going for it no matter what. If you set big goals, you’ve got to have an even bigger…

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Rest, Relax, Renew

By Jennifer R. Hudson / December 18, 2020

And as I head into the holidays, ready to take a desperately needed break, my intention is to sink into all the comfy chairs of who I am.

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Hold Space for Varied Voices

By Jennifer R. Hudson / December 9, 2020

I remember a time in my career when I felt my voice was being stifled — when I felt unheard and unnoticed. I can still recall the tension, the uncomfortable apprehension in meetings, and how I sometimes chose silence over the iciness I feared might come if I shared a thought or opinion. I hated…

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Gratitude for the Chain

By Jennifer R. Hudson / November 23, 2020

I was inspired recently to think much more intentionally about gratitude. Rather than the usual appreciation for say, food on the table, I was asked to consider a sort of micro, supply chain list of all the various humans involved in getting that food to me: The farmer Those harvesting The people packaging The truck…

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Diverse businesspeople laughing together during an office meeting

Plan PR Like A Boss!

By Jennifer R. Hudson / September 9, 2020

Good morning! I’m in South Florida at the height of hurricane season, but I still sense a change of season approaching. Fall is coming. The autumn months tend to push us into planning mode for the new year. And as amazing at it may sound, 2021 is right around the corner. Back in March, I encouraged communications professionals to…

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Jennifer showing her happy side.

Explain It To Me Like I’m 4

By Jennifer R. Hudson / July 14, 2020

Sometimes we get so caught up in explaining ourselves that we don’t realize nobody understands a word we’re saying. This is especially true with companies. I’ve seen it with former employers and clients alike. The tendency is to say what they want to say and not necessarily what the [insert target audience] wants to hear. We get…

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Team at office meeting

They’re Not Going To Pay

By Jennifer R. Hudson / June 30, 2020

“My client really needs X, but they won’t want to pay for it. We’ve already agreed on the scope of work.” Sound familiar? I find a lot of communicators think this way. They see the challenges very clearly: Different departments are off doing their own thing. Content on different platforms seems disjointed and out of alignment (it’s painfully clear when…

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