Time for a Time Out?

My husband and I have always tried to communicate with one voice to our kids. It’s even more important now that they’re teens.

We don’t always get it right, of course, but when we realize we’re being inconsistent, we take a parental “time out” to confer and course-correct. Our delivery may be different, but the underlying message is the same: “Family dinners are important” or “You REALLY want that? Use your own money.”

It’s the same with messaging in organizations. How aligned is everyone? Do sales, marketing, PR, customer service and HR confer regularly to ensure they’re communicating the same messages about the brand? Do they all know and share the same powerful stories that speak to the best of the brand?

In my signature program, Corporate Messaging for Communicators, I teach and mentor communications consultants to lead staff from confusion to clarity with a structured messaging process. I rely on a powerful six-phase framework that allows me to have deeper impact on organizational culture. And the fact that this purpose-driven work leads to profit is icing on the cake.

The messaging process I teach includes guidelines for listening to the diverse voices behind the brand, which engenders trust. It creates a foundation from which the organization will talk about its work across any platform, which leads to clarity and consistency. Weekly mentoring sessions allow us to dig into the nuances of this work so its meaning and impact truly come alive.

Organizations need to continuously take a parental “time out” to confer and course-correct. And if you’re the wise auntie or uncle who opens their eyes to the need for it, you’ll not only gain respect for the incredible value you bring to the entire organization, you’ll also match purpose with profit in a way you hadn’t even realized was possible.

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