Are You Like Me?

If you’re like me, you want to use your communications expertise to help clients nurture and strengthen relationships with all the people most important to them – inside and outside the organization – so they can be more successful.

You know businesses thrive when they approach communications strategically, so when you witness how internal issues keep the brand from becoming all it could be (and impede your ability to do stellar work), it can be downright disheartening.

I’ve been there.

  • Departments stuck in silos
  • Frustrated staff who throw up their hands and accept the status quo
  • Messaging across multiple platforms that lacks consistency and clarity

One of the best ways I’ve found to truly serve my clients is by 1) taking a broad view of their entire organization; 2) gathering the insights, opinions, ideas and dreams of staff in multiple departments and roles; and 3) relying on a strategic communications process that offers various ways for people to get involved and have their say.

It’s an approach that’s allowed me to become the trusted advisor clients need – and to be completely uninhibited about charging the premium revenue I know I’m worth.

My dream is for every PR professional to see their role as a strategist first, and to develop the skills and knowledge they need to bring amazing value to organizations beyond that next media hit (although like everyone, I do love the “sales high” of a great story!) 🙂

When we do, there will be fewer silos, more engaged staff, and greater messaging clarity and consistency. There will also be less confusion about the role of public relations – and a greater appreciation for the complexity and significance of our work.

Everybody wins. 🙂

I’m on a mission to change the world of communications one strategic PR pro at a time. I do this through my mentoring and training programs, whenever someone gives me a soapbox to speak, on my social channels, and in emails like this one.

I also do it through private conversations. Reach out if you want to chat 1:1 about how I can help you offer strategic services that reduce silos, engage staff, and lead to clearer, more consistent messaging. You’ll position yourself as a star with clients and make more money doing work you love.