Time To Dig In

I think it’s critical we ensure our clients understand that target audiences and messaging are the two most important pieces of the communications puzzle.

It sounds so obvious, but I know you, my lovely PR peeps – you are not digging into this the way you should.

Flub it on the audiences and your messages fall on deaf ears. Muddy up the messaging and the people you want to adore the brand never fully connect the dots to the product or service.

Getting them right takes more than a meeting or two with the PR team.

It takes more than chats with department heads.

And it definitely takes more than a conversation with the CEO.

For messaging to ring true and accurately reflect the brand both internally and externally, you’ve got to include the people behind the brand.

You know, the ones working hard every day to keep the business going.

Get their input on the ideal audiences to target and the most powerful messaging they believe should be shared about the brand, and watch your communications successes soar.

Talk about a game-changer.

You’d do this in a cross-departmental messaging session where people come together to brainstorm, prioritize and agree on five questions: Who are we? What do we do? Who do we serve? Why are we unique? Why should anyone care?

The process digs deep. Once organizations experience it, the benefits are crystal clear – and so is the need for the investment in the premium 4- or 5-figure fee they’ll paid you to lead them.

I’ve learned that it takes a combination of education and counseling to help leaders understand why we need to get those audience and messaging puzzle pieces properly positioned. I lean on my experience delivering results for others and use a few well-crafted talking points to communicate the value.

If you’re dealing with clients who lack clarity and organizational alignment on target audiences and messaging, but know you could use some support to effectively make the case and lead them, click here to access Start With the CEO, my strategic PR tip sheet created to help you get the conversation started. Once you access it, there’s an opportunity inside to get even more support with what you should be doing next!

Time to dig in.