Public Relations Myths–Busted Part 2

Last week I shared four of the most common misconceptions about communicators I’ve encountered throughout my career. As I said, they’ve required some uncomfortable conversations, but showing clients how they can more strategically engage my services has allowed me to command the fees I know I deserve.

Take a look at the final three! 

5. PR Only Talks to [input title or department]

A common misperception is that public relations only works with marketing or leadership; that it’s a top-down function that begins and ends with the wants and needs of organizational leadership. This couldn’t be further from the truth and should never be the case.  It’s important to let clients know we need that 360° view – connecting with multiple levels and departments – in order to ensure that what we’re communicating accurately reflects the brand. 

6. Companies Only Need PR During a Crisis

Companies of every size often make the mistake of thinking they only need professional communications support when something goes wrong. I see this particularly with small-to-mid-sized businesses. The best way to approach strategic communications when you are hired to work with an organization during a crisis is to discuss what the focus needs to be post-crisis from an internal and external perspective that will build goodwill and support the brand over the long term.

7. PR is Easy 

You’ve no doubt found that while some companies actively seek the support of a PR pro, they are not clear on the complexity of our work or the value we bring. When you encounter this kind of situation you may hear things like “how hard is it to write a press release?” or “I can send an email to a reporter.” You could approach this in one of two ways: 1) spend time and energy working to demonstrate your value, or 2) run! I decided many years ago that because I give 150%, I would no longer work with clients who didn’t understand the role of communications and/or were unable to appreciate what I bring to the table. Always partner with clients who value your work and expertise.

Finding the courage to set the record straight on these myths can be daunting — and facing the option of either taking the business or not paying the bills can be downright scary. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help PR pros get the skills and confidence they need to stop undervaluing their work so they can command fees of $5K or more for strategic services.  

If you’re tired of overworked, undervalued projects that may seem “sexy,” but in the end are tactical and limited in impact, I’d love to talk to you about whether my program is the right fit. ?Tap here to learn how we’d work together so you can become the myth-busting, value-bringing trusted advisor your client will pay premium fees to retain.