The Cost of Inaction

Remember the early days of your career, when you were nervous about making mistakes, but pushed past your fears to put yourself out there for new opportunities? You eventually got to a place with your work where you felt confident about what you knew (and maybe a little overwhelmed with what you didn’t). 

You got comfortable with the busy work you could now do in your sleep and convinced yourself that you were too busy to learn new skills; that “one day” you’d make space for that workshop or professional development course you’ve always wanted to take. 

But when you say “I don’t have the time,” I wonder if you’ve considered what you’re actually losing by putting things off. Giving in to analysis paralysis or refusing to make a decision eventually becomes a decision to do nothing. Your lack of action is costing you, and it could be worth thousands of dollars a year.

What if I told you that in five weeks you could learn something so powerful that it would give you the confidence to immediately start charging $5K or more for your services? Would you say you don’t have time? 

I had a client who was consistently busy, yet constantly underpaid. She realized that being overwhelmed and underpaid was not a good use of her time, that the benefit of increased revenue far outweighed any concerns she may have had about her schedule. 

Within months of working with me, she gained not one, but two clients. And the more she leads clients through the strategic messaging framework she learned from me, the faster she’ll get preparing for them, which drives down her cost of sale (and spikes her confidence to charge more for high-value services like this). 

My corporate messaging program for PR and marketing pros takes five weeks and includes an online portion with videos of no more than seven minutes. The weekly one-hour mentoring sessions where you have a safe space to discuss and share your unique needs is the icing on the cake. The time commitment is peanuts when you consider what you gain: the confidence, skills, and expertise to immediately start charging $5K or more for a strategic service that has a huge impact on your clients and transforms you into the trusted rockstar advisor you always knew you could be.

Here’s the thing: When you’re doing the strategic work you love and have the confidence to charge what you know it’s worth, you begin to live the life of your dreams. The cost of inaction becomes more about your quality of life than the quantity of time. 

If you’re interested in taking the time to learn how to deliver my signature program so you can earn $5K+ forever for messaging sessions, then click here to set aside 45 minutes for us to chat. We’ll discuss your dreams for your work and how we might work together. If we decide it’s a good fit, I can’t wait to work with you!