Communications As A Capacity-Building Function for Nonprofits

Communications is a critical, capacity-building function for nonprofits.

And not just for fundraising, but for the entire organization.

Or at least it should be.

In this interview with Jarrett Ransom of The Nonprofit Show, I share this little nugget about communications as capacity-building. It was a surprise to Jarrett, but this belief has always driven my advocacy for a strategic approach to communications – one that digs much deeper than getting out that next news release.

I also talk about how to decide which key audiences are most important to target and the five questions you must answer to develop messaging that is strategic (consistent, aligned, concise, and tied to organizational goals). 

If you’re a communications professional working with nonprofits, you may often feel the frustration that comes with misaligned messaging and a lack of understanding of the organization’s mission among key stakeholders (including board members). You’ll want to pay particular attention to the interview around the 8:50 mark.😉

Take a look, then schedule a time to connect with me. I’ve served nonprofits for over twenty years and supported them through major fundraising initiatives, campaign launches, program shifts, and more! I’d love to see how I can help you help the organizations you’re serving!