3 Things I Want You to Remeber in 2023

This is the time of year when predictions and trends began to surface. What will the coming year look like for communications professionals? What issues will most impact our industry? 

They’re entertaining, but rarely mind-blowing.😏

I decided to focus instead on what is actually more meaningful to me: My hope for you — and for anyone managing communications for their companies or clients — in the coming year. In case you missed the post, here’s a recap of what I shared:

No. 1: Say yes to the kind of projects, clients, and work that bring you joy – even if they’re scary.

That “nerxcited” space is where the growth happens. 

Not quite sure what “joy” in your work looks like? You know more than you think you do.

Consider the projects where you felt completely lit up and totally in your element. What were you doing? Why was it so meaningful for you? Was it the work and/or the people? What characteristics of both can you pull from those experiences to help “avatar” your work and life?

Take time to identify and define your core values, and determine what it would look like to live them out in tangible ways. Doing so will help you quickly discern the “ick” you’re feeling about certain work opportunities and empower you to trust your intuition.

No. 2: Be bold and speak up.

Do your research. Understand the social, political, economic, and environmental issues impacting the brands you serve. Dig in and keep talking to staff. When you know your stuff, you’ll be able to approach and talk to senior leaders in a way that clearly demonstrates your value. 

No. 3: Invest in your professional development!

Leveling up your skills and expertise will boost your confidence (and also really helps with #1 and #2 😊). You’re the strategic PR pro with the ideas and input business leaders need to make big decisions. When you’re “skilled up,” you’ll be able to step fully into that role.

In the new year, I’m being intentional about the professional development courses and conferences I’ll attend, and I’m starting with a series on measurement and evaluation.

Check out the video, then leave me a comment about your plans and aspirations for the new year! 

I wish you the happiest holiday season and a bright and purposeful 2023!