Are You Making Space for What Matters Most?

We’re a couple of weeks in, but I can still say it in my first email of 2023: Happy New Year! 

I made the most of the holidays with all the things: baking, holiday songs on repeat, quality time with family and friends, and Rom-Coms! And while I started the year a bit under the weather, I’m now rested and ready to take on 2023! 

I’m aiming to have a lighter, but mightier calendar this year tied to my big business goals:

New fractional CCO services 

Small-to-midsized businesses and nonprofits need chief communications officer-level expertise, but can’t always afford it. I’m supporting organizations that have staff who do great work, but are so often “in the thick of it” that they miss the opportunities to connect their work to the big picture, stay loyal to a solid plan, evaluate progress, and course-correct as needed.

It’s a win-win for 1) the communications staff I’m passionate about helping to level up so they can grow into the trusted strategic advisor they want to be, and 2) the organizations poised for growth who need greater discipline. Please pass the word along or reach out to me for more details.

Larger cohorts for Corporate Messaging for Communicators 

I’ve always limited participation in my signature five-month train-the-trainer program in an effort to keep the groups as intimate as possible. As I see how previous students continue to use these critical strategic workshops to transform their companies and clients and earn more money – and recognize how much growth happens when people learn from one another – who am I to limit progress?

The program is now open to up to 10 communications leaders ready to change the world with higher-level strategic skills. The next cohort starts in March. Apply now and pass the word along to an amazing communications pro in your life.

Spread my ideas, educate and advocate as much as possible

My goal is to get on as many relevant stages as I can to 1) advocate for the strategic approach I believe every communications pro should embrace and 2) show C-Suite leaders what public relations can and should be doing for their organizations.

It’s kinda scary, but if I believe communications can change the world and that when implemented with empathy and understanding, businesses and communities thrive, I have a responsibility to share that message (and show people how it can be done!). Know a great event where you think I should speak? Let me know about it!

As always, I’ll still be leading strategic messaging and core values, vision, and mission workshops for nonprofit and corporate clients; training PR pros on strategic communications planning; mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs and small business leaders; and doing my part to make the world a better place. 

I hope you’re prioritizing what matters to you. I also hope that you are high on your list! Take the time for self-care, read a great book, take a course or program that builds your skills and confidence, and do things “just because” that bring you joy.

Cheers to a beautiful year filled with what matters most to you!✨