Are You “In Relationship” With Your Goals?

If you’re like me, the buzz and excitement of the new year are dissipating. The blank slate is filled and it’s time to get to work. You’ve likely used January to cement your big goals for 2023 and have set the wheels in motion to achieve them. Whether they include getting new clients, leveling up your skills, or maximizing productivity, I hope your goals are centered around work and activities that bring you joy (I shared my 2023 goals and joy is certainly my North Star this year).

But goal-setting is only the beginning. We have to be “in relationship” with our goals to accomplish them. This means being connected, consistent, and communicative.

Connect with your goals in a consistent way that’s meaningful to you – mark your calendar, set a reminder on your phone, or add time for this connection to your morning ritual. As you revisit your goals, communicate honestly with yourself about 1) the progress you’re making, 2) the opportunity to course-correct, or 3) the need to abandon an idea entirely.

You may decide you’ll attend a conference or enroll in a program to expand your skills and knowledge. Awesome, but again – it’s just the beginning. “Court” your goals: Determine where you’d most like growth, identify potential conferences, workshops, and other events sooner rather than later (hello👋🏽 early bird rates and promos!), then consider the actionable takeaways you hope to gain from these experiences. Remember to look out for any pre-conference opportunities. Review the attendee list in advance to ensure you make great connections. After you return from an event or complete a program, consider the steps you’ll take to apply the new skills you’ve learned. Re-evaluate how close you are to achieving your big goals.

When you’re “in relationship” with your goals, they’ll stay top-of-mind throughout the year. With just a small amount of planning, organization, and intention, you can end 2023 feeling a greater sense of accomplishment.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about goal-setting and any strategies you use to stay on track. And if professional development is on your list, we should chat. My superpower is training and mentoring communications pros to deliver high-level communications services like strategic messaging sessions so they can have a greater impact on the success of their companies and clients – and make more money.

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