When The CEO Celebrates Your Wins (Publicly)

I wish I had known how powerful corporate messaging sessions could be when I first started consulting. I spent my corporate career developing messaging in silos – either with senior leaders, with a department head, or on my own. 

When I developed my signature framework and saw how it not only resulted in great messaging, but also broke down departmental silos, created a space to hear from staff typically absent from the process, and got everyone clear and aligned around the priority business goals, I knew I had something magical.

Doing strategic work using results-oriented frameworks has allowed me to break out of the “PR=media” box and become the kind of strategic advisor companies need and value. I now do the work I love for the premium fees I set. I also engage with leaders who respect and value my expertise.

And I’m seeing the same happen with the communications pros I support.

When I posted about the wins that Monica, an in-house senior marketing specialist, had with the corporate messaging session she led following our private, corporate training for her and a team member, her CEO publicly praised her for the great work she did.

“A shoutout to Monica for taking Enclustra’s corporate messaging to unparalleled heights! Her unmatched tenacity and passion in marketing [sic] don’t just inform – they inspire. Eagerly anticipating what’s next on this journey together!”

Philipp Baechtold CEO, Enclustra

I want this for you, too!

Tuesday, October 3 is your last opportunity to enroll in the next cohort of Corporate Messaging for Communicators, my five-month program where I mentor and train you to get buy-in, prepare for and lead the cross-departmental corporate messaging sessions that have allowed me and others to do the impactful, revenue-generating work that brings us joy.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • My rock-star, six-phase signature messaging framework
  • Five (5) monthly 60-minute mentoring sessions with a small group of your peers
  • Comprehensive video training that is short and easy-to-digest
  • A rich body of done-for-you templates on research, leading the workshop, and detailed sample communications to use with organizations
  • Access for 1-year to our exclusive Alumni Circle

Imagine what it would be like to have new skills and expertise that give you the confidence to fly fully in your strategic zone of genius, increase revenue with the kind of business you long to have, and become the trusted advisor leaders know they must have by their side.

This is your time to level up. Apply for Corporate Messaging for Communicators today.