New Year, New Affirmations for PR Pros

In 2023, I created a document detailing my professional goals, how I wanted to achieve them, and some concrete measures of success for each.

I accomplished a lot of what I had on the list, and while I didn’t reach every goal, I’m happy to report that I had some incredible career highlights in 2023: my first keynote to an audience of more than 200; a number of podcast interviews; leading in-house messaging training for communications pros and facilitating corporate messaging sessions for clients; and testing the waters with my new fractional CCO service. 

At the end of the year, I hopped on the Brightline train in South Florida with a friend, revved up the creative juices with some 2024 business planning, then went to Disney for kid-like fun and inspiration! 

While the year started with the loss of my dear aunt, I’m returning to the office feeling motivated and ready for what’s to come.

As you move forward into the new year, I encourage you to surround yourself with people who will love and affirm you — and remember to affirm yourself no matter where you are on your communications journey.

Save These Affirmations Perfect for PR Professionals

I’m leaving you with a few career-focused affirmations you can save and pull out whenever you need. They say “January” but I promise they’ll be useful the entire year! 

Wishing you all the best for an amazing 2024! Remember–you got this.🧡