Should Public Relations Pros Reveal When They Use AI?

Last week, I posed a question on social media: Should you reveal when you use AI? 

The short answer? Yes!

As PR pros, we know it’s important to stay abreast of the latest trends and technology so we can advise the people we serve with excellence.

We may not always reveal every PR tool in the kit, but with generative AI, it’s important we do so. It’s critical to have clear policies that guide both our use of the tool and that of all staff in an organization.

Last November, the Public Relations Society of America released great guidelines about the ethical use of AI, and every communications professional should read them.

Our industry has the unique opportunity to leverage large language models to support our work, but we don’t have to stop at conventional uses like writing press releases – we can dig deeper and use AI to give the organizations we serve an edge by identifying brand strength, analyzing customer feedback, and predicting opportunities in the marketplace.

We can’t shy away from AI. It’s here to stay. But we must operate ethically when we use it to enhance our work!

If you don’t yet have one, I encourage you to develop a policy at your company (or encourage leaders to do so) to guide how AI will be used.