These Common Communication Blind Spots Derail Leaders

In my 25+ years developing and implementing strategic communications programs and facilitating workshops on messaging and core values, vision and mission, I’ve encountered blind spots that keep execs from making their desired impact.

1- Leaders don’t take the time to reflect on how their organization’s core values show up in their own lives.

Whether we as leaders realize it or not, we can connect deeply to our teams through shared organizational values. And if we don’t take the time to reflect on that, we may seem disconnected and out of touch when we engage with staff and key stakeholders.

2- Leaders assume that employees understand and know more than they actually do.

When we don’t see the desired results on an individual or team level, we can assume the worst about our staff. But many times, we haven’t taken the time to more intentionally communicate organizational goals and strategy with our employees, which keeps the organization from moving forward cohesively.

Is this resonating with you?

Have you encountered this behavior — perhaps with yourself?

If the answer is “yes,” or even “maybe,” let’s set up a meeting to discuss what communication blindspots may be keeping you from reaching organizational goals — or how I can help, as a Fractional Chief Communications Officer, guide your communications efforts so you achieve greater results – or perhaps even lead sessions with your teams so they develop greater confidence speaking up about the issues and ideas important both to your organization and to them.