Communications Pros Must Go Beyond The Talking Points

When communications pros talk about messaging, I think they really mean “talking points.”

They are not the same! ✋🏽

Talking points are tactical and created for very specific purposes, like a media interview.  They serve a purpose, but they can also stifle big-picture thinking.

And if you never break free of them, you’ll miss the larger, strategic purpose of messaging and how you can create a premium service based on it to have a greater impact, become a trusted advisor, and make more money.  

Corporate messaging requires a structured framework (like the one I teach in my signature program).  

You get input and agreement from staff across multiple departments who are engaged and invested because they’ve been involved in the process and empowered to share their thoughts. 

Structured framework + engaged staff = way more strategic (and way more lucrative for both you and the brands you support).

Whether you’re a consultant or in-house with a company, you can add corporate messaging sessions as a strategic service.

I developed my messaging facilitation training program as a way to support communications pros seeking to elevate their execution of corporate messaging far beyond the realm of talking points.

Remember, learning new skills and developing professionally is your pathway to becoming a trusted advisor, making a significant impact, and achieving greater financial success and fulfillment in your career.