Holding Leaders Accountable: It’s “Imprescindible”

One of the greatest joys in my life was learning Spanish. When I studied in Mexico and Spain, I was fascinated by how the nuances of culture got wrapped up in language. These days, a word in Spanish will often spring up first in my mind if it suits a situation best – perhaps because it’s tied to my first memory of learning that word.

“Imprescindible” is one of them.

It means “essential,” “critical,” or just “very, very important.”

None of these words in English carry the weight of a well-placed “im-pres-cin-di-ble.”

So, when I think about how “very, very important” it is for communications professionals to be fearless about advising senior leaders and holding them accountable for the values the organization claims to uphold, “imprescindible” conveys just the right amount of gravitas.

If we boldly embrace our role as trusted advisor and tie every bit of counsel or initiative we undertake to business goals, we’ll be better equipped to step outside the PR=media box into which we’re so often pigeon-holed.

Here are three ways to accomplish this:

  1. Meet regularly with senior leaders, their direct reports and their direct reports to get clear about the issues (large and small), that excite them and/or keep them up at night
  2. Plan communications in partnership with a cross-section of staff from multiple departments to make space for diverse voices and ensure your work accurately reflects the brand
  3. Stay curious. Read, watch, listen. Stay abreast of the social, economic, and political issues that impact the company, industry, marketplace, and world, so you can ask the right questions and offer the best counsel.

When I showed an executive the corporate messaging program I developed to help PR pros step confidently into their role as trusted advisor, he said it was the kind of strategic focus he’d love to get from a PR agency, but had never had.

My vision is for every public relations practitioner to embrace their inner strategist so our companies and clients never have to say this.

If we want to truly demonstrate our value and make real impact, it’s imprescindible. 🙂


I’m planning a masterclass in the fall for PR pros to show you practical ways to get the ear of senior leaders, position yourself as a coveted advisor, and banish your fears forever that clients would never pay you premium fees of 4- and 5-figures for strategic work.

Reply back with “I’m interested!” and I’ll let you know when it’s happening.

If you know you’re ready to level up right now, reach out for a 30-minute consult with me so we can talk about how I can help you earn premium revenue without taking on new clients.