Helping Leaders Move Past Fear and Embrace Change

In a world where our vocabulary, social norms, and workforce are ever-expanding, it can be easy for organizations that resist change to commit a faux pas that leave their employees and the public uncomfortable — or sometimes downright angry. 

When company leaders resist the need to create a more inclusive culture, the resistance often stems from fear: saying the wrong thing, owning up to a mistake, being labeled sexist, racist, ageist, etc. 

As a communications professional, you are in a unique position to help organizations overcome these fears. 

If it sounds like a big task, you’re right! But while the task is challenging, it is not impossible…the key is to have a plan and a structure. 

So what do you do?

  • Create a safe, judgment-free space for senior leaders and their staff to come together and review the big issues that lie at the core of the organization 
  • Identify how the organization might shift company culture in tangible ways: identifying or even re-imagining core values if needed and finding ways to attach policies, procedures, and systems to them; rewriting bylaws; implementing programs that more clearly live up to the values
  • Streamline corporate messaging both internally and externally to ensure everyone is “singing from the same hymnal” at every level of the organization

And how do you do that?

You have a strong strategic framework that gets results! 

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can help your clients overcome fears, remain relevant in an ever-expanding world, and recover from past faux pas — let’s chat.

I want to help you step into 2022 with a powerful offering that boosts your confidence in your skills as a communications professional,  boosts your revenue, and boosts your impact!