Time To Roll Off The Hamster Wheel: You Deserve It

After living with a warped sense of time and reality for the past two years, so many of us feel burnt out.  For you, it might be more intense family obligations, an increased workload, the constant looming appearance of new COVID variants, or job insecurity. We all just have a lot on our plates these days – and as high-functioning professionals, we think having a constantly-filled plate is normal. 

It is with that mindset that we rarely say “no,” and we hustle to meet unrealistic deadlines to placate our clients and colleagues. We push ourselves beyond the point of exhaustion for the fleeting satisfaction of checking off our ever-growing to-do list. This causes us to rush, make mistakes in our work, and overlook our tired minds in the name of getting things done. It’s the proverbial hamster wheel, and I don’t know about you, but I’m rolling off of it this year! 

Whether you’re a solo PR-preneur like me or you’re working in the communications department of a company – you deserve to rest. You deserve to have room for creative thought and time with your loved ones. It is OK to slow down. 

It may feel strange at first, like it’s taking you too long to hit your goals. But what you may find is that a less hectic schedule brings more peace of mind and the ability to hit your goals with ease. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you don’t have to do it all by the end of the first quarter! Like a well-nurtured PR strategy, consistency is key. Show up each day and focus on what matters. 

Two of the most effective ways I’ve found to ensure I have a manageable workload that allows me to better control my time are 1) creating a schedule that honors both my clients and my business, and 2) charging fees worthy of my expertise, passion, and commitment. 

This means I get to focus on the strategic work I love and to run my signature corporate messaging program where I train and mentor PR professionals who are seeking the same level of ease, flexibility, and joy! It also means that I get to do work that is impactful and meaningful, which I suspect is important for you, too. 

Have you made a decision to get off the hamster wheel in 2022? I’d love to know how! Get in touch and let me know.