This Is Your Year To Flip The PR Script

As communications professionals, we understand the power of language and messaging when we communicate on behalf of companies. We know how important it is to be intentional with word choice when targeting a specific audience.  But I’ve found that when it comes to promoting ourselves, we’re less…choosy. 😏

We allow our clients and companies to lump us into the “PR= media” box. If you’ve been in PR for more than 30 seconds, you know that what you’re doing is so much more than media placement. We manage internal communications, investor relations, government affairs – the list goes on! And yet, we are consistently thought of as press release-writing, media-buying, image-spinning magicians. 

I’m challenging you to do something new in 2022 to break out of that box! 

You can demonstrate your value merely by 1) being more intentional and accurate with the way you describe your work and 2) flipping the switch on the way you actually perform your work

I speak all the time to PR pros who want to level up, do more, charge more. They know they’re capable of offering greater strategic support but aren’t sure it will be valued or compensated. 

Sound familiar? 

After years of training and mentoring communications professionals, I understand that the hesitation stems from two areas: undervaluing your skills and not sharpening your tools. You can overcome both and I’m here to help you do it. 

I can teach you a corporate messaging framework that allows you to tap into your strategic brain and facilitate a cross-departmental workshop that leaves senior leaders and their staff more aware than ever of the depth and breadth of expertise you bring.

I give you the guidance (with role plays!) to ensure you have the confidence to convince executives of the importance of this critical communications planning session. You’ll walk away with tangible, ready-to-deploy skills that demonstrate the value of your work to anyone who works with you! 

Click here to chat about your challenges breaking out of the PR=media box and learn how we would work together so you can master a rock star, six-phase framework that closes gaps in your clients’ message development, adds meaningful revenue to your business, and eliminates any lingering self-doubt you have that senior leaders will question the impact of your work!