Hey PR Pro: Remember to Take Time for Yourself!

As communications professionals, we’re constantly working to serve our companies, our clients, and for many of us – our families, communities, and others around us. Your dedication to others is beautiful – but remember to make time for yourself! 

Just as I advocate for PR professionals to embrace communications planning, I also strongly encourage you to create mental and emotional well-being plans. A few years ago, I developed a daily routine to keep myself grounded, focused on the stuff that really matters, and at peace.

Here are 5 things I do to maintain a happy place while doing work and life: 

  • Morning meditations 
  • Time-blocking 
  • Lunch away from my desk 
  • Schedule intentional time with people who make me smile and laugh out loud
  • Setting firm boundaries with clients 

If you’re not already doing at least 2 of the above during your workdays – start this month during Mental Health Awareness Month! 

We often throw around terms like “burnout” as if burnout should be expected, but it shouldn’t be. By building in small pockets of joy during your days, you can reclaim your energy and peace. Find respite in the day-to-day and perhaps build a life from which you don’t need a break!  

I hope this was helpful for someone who needed it today. If you’re already doing some of the things on my list, write back and let me know! I’d love to connect with you and share tips that may benefit both of us this month!

p.s. And if you’d like to chat about strategic communications, we can do that, too. Find some time at the link below.