PR Pros Are Getting Results, And I’m So Proud of Them!

I knew I had something special when I launched Corporate Messaging for Communicators a few years ago. 

I wanted to advocate for communicators to embrace strategic communications as the de facto way they work and I wanted to provide a powerful tool for them to do that.

As I developed the program, I interviewed PR and marketing pros to understand their challenges. I spoke to CEOs and let them peek under the hood so I’d know whether they’d actually allow their staff to invest in the program.

There were two important takeaways that emerged from this: 1) Far too many folks lack the confidence to speak up to senior leaders about the communications challenges they see, and 2) They were worried if they did speak up, they wouldn’t have the expertise to properly guide organizations down a more strategic path.

I consistently met with communicators who had everything they needed to become the trusted advisor organizations need but still found themselves undervalued, overworked, and underpaid. 

Confidence can take a beating in any of those scenarios. 

Today, I’m a few cohorts in with Corporate Messaging for Communicators and it’s so gratifying to see the impact people are having on their companies and clients with the program.

One student has reworked her service offerings to include two-tiered messaging workshop packages and she’s getting paid thousands more as a result. Another won a retainer client after she led them through a one-off messaging session. Time and again, I’m hearing stories of lightbulb moments where companies and nonprofits are uncovering the brilliance of their work and gaining clarity, alignment, and consistency of message.

It’s a beautiful thing.

I’m proud of the folks who apply what they learn in my program, then take it and run with it. It shows them what I know from the moment we decide to work together – they’re the capable, super smart strategic communicators brands need – they just know now how to totally own it.🙌🏽

In the fall, I’ll be launching another cohort of Corporate Messaging for Communicators. If you’re ready to get the kind of results these leaders have gotten – let’s chat! We’ll discuss your goals and pain points as a communications pro and see if the program is right for you.