The Confidence-Boosting Power of Analytics Tools for PR Pros

Earlier this year, I participated in a nine-week intensive on PR measurement and evaluation. The power of tools like Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to help communications professionals more effectively demonstrate impact to the bottom line was eye-opening. 🤯
I was also struck by how empowered and confident I felt armed with the new skills and knowledge I gained.
Incorporating analytics tools like GA4 can provide invaluable insight into how audiences are engaging with your content. They allow you to provide data-driven counsel and recommendations so you can help senior leaders and colleagues make wise decisions. And when those decisions result in a win-win-win for companies, their employees, and their customers, your impact will be crystal clear. 

Talk about a boost in confidence!
But I believe confidence is bolstered by competence, so I focus on both when I teach communications professionals in my program, Corporate Messaging for CommunicatorsThey not only learn how to guide leaders and their teams through a transformational messaging session that makes employees feel valued and heard, encourages customers to buy, and motivates key stakeholders to act, they also practice via role-play so they’re fully comfortable communicating the value of this important work.

The next cohort starts on April 25. In five months, I’ll help you gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to demonstrate your impact and boldly embrace the trusted advisor role you were always meant to fill!

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