Are You Prepping Your Clients For Q4?

It’s September and the end of the year will soon be upon us! How are you prepping your clients for the fourth quarter? 

Consider the ways your expertise can help your clients accomplish their remaining goals for 2021.

As a trusted advisor, you should be aware of upcoming action items key departments are working to deliver or any big decisions being weighed.  Consider the communications implications and opportunities and ask yourself: What support or counsel can I offer to help them reach their goals? 

If you aren’t already meeting with a cross-section of staff on a regular basis, set aside time now to discuss year-end goals. One PR superpower clients consistently value is our ability to help them connect the dots internally and externally. Ask questions to understand the purpose and feasibility of the goals, then research and consider them within a larger context so you can offer wise counsel. And remember to speak with employees actually implementing the work because they validate that the “main thing is truly the main thing.”  ?

When you have a clear understanding of what’s driving activity and why, you’re more equipped to ensure alignment with all communications efforts, stay the course with your plan, and/or pivot as needed.

Have these conversations and ideas before October 1 so you’re not scrambling to ensure your clients finish the year strong. By anticipating needs in this way, you amplify your impact and demonstrate real value. 

As you consider Q4, set the stage now for an amazing 2022. Check out 5-Figure Planning, my strategic communications planning course that helps you close gaps in planning with a flexible framework you can apply to any sized company or nonprofit. I’ve used this process for two decades both in my corporate life and with clients. It’s allowed me to avoid the scatterbrained, misaligned communications that leave everyone feeling frustrated the brand is not reaching the right people to drive affinity, engagement, and revenue. I’ve seen the positive impact strategic work has had on organizations and it’s given me greater confidence to charge for the lifetime of value they receive.