“Singin’ Out of the Same Hymnal” Is Vital to Communications

I always say I love it when a company’s employees are “singin’ out of the same hymnal.” It evokes strong imagery from my church choir days, but also reminds me of a role we often play as communications professionals: that of the choir director! 

When folks are attuned (see what I did there? 😃) to company values,  revenue goals, and brand mission– and outward-facing communications reflects that –it’s music to my ears!

But whether you’re singing out of the same hymnal, getting on the same page, or simply “aligning,” the goal should always be the same: creating intentional spaces for people to gain clarity on the big picture, understand how their work fits within it, and offer their unique insight on what’s best to communicate about the organization. 

Last week, we started a new cohort of Corporate Messaging for Communicators where PR leaders will learn how to get buy-in, prepare for and lead strategic corporate messaging sessions. These cross-departmental workshops give those who may traditionally not be a part of the messaging process an opportunity to discuss organizational goals and share their thoughts about how the brand should be communicated – both of which help ensure what we say rings true, isn’t forced or fake, and indeed makes us sound like we’re singin’ out of the same hymnal. 😌

The current cohort is underway, but it’s not too late for you to connect with me to learn whether or not my five-month mentoring and training program is what you need to more strategically support your company or clients.

Registration opens again in the fall and I’d love to work with you. If you know you’re ready, let’s get you enrolled! If you’re intrigued, but not quite sure the program is right for you, reach out. We’ll talk about the communications challenges vexing you right now and whether or not I can help.