Let’s Expand Your Zone Of Genius Together!

I don’t just believe in being a mentor and coach. I think it’s important that I have them, too! 

When I felt called (yep – it’s that deep) to show other communications pros how to lead strategic corporate messaging sessions,  I knew I had a great framework that would help them build confidence and do impactful work but…real talk? I struggled with how to best market and sell it. 

My zone of genius is seeing the big picture and finding communications gaps to bridge or close and tying it all to the strategic priorities of a business. It’s also in creating intentional spaces for communications to actually do everything we PR folks know it can do.

If I ever hoped to share this passion work with others, I knew I was gonna need to invest in myself. I signed up for specific mentoring and coaching programs that would help me develop a greater level of expertise and build confidence where I felt I was lacking.  

It’s important to surround yourself with people who can help you level up. I’ve been so blessed to connect with some wildly smart people and I’m now part of a fabulous ecosystem where I’m continually learning and growing with them. 

Learn how I help PR and communications pros through my program Corporate Messaging for CommunicatorsLeading these sessions may not be your zone of genius – yet – but I know it can be. If you want a supportive mentor totally invested in your success at doing this impactful work, reach out and we’ll see if it’s right for you!