“Listening is a radical act of social justice.”

Last year around this time, I shared a few favorite quotes that inspire and motivate me. I’ve got another to add to the list:

“Listening is a radical act of social justice.”

I heard this quote in the context of nonprofit work, but I think it’s applicable to the work we do as communicators in any organization. It reminds us to be the voice that pushes our companies and clients to consider the viewpoints of others.

It inspires us to prioritize empathy.

I find this quote especially relevant when we’re celebrating or recognizing different groups or events (the LGBTQ+ community, Juneteenth). Our external celebrations should be backed by real action internally.

The only way we’ll get the action right – and ensure what we communicate is more than window dressing – is by creating intentional spaces to listen to the issues important to diverse groups. We must also encourage companies to do something with the feedback they receive.

Do you desire to create intentional spaces within the companies you serve? 

I’d love to connect with you to discuss your pain points and then focus on the possibilities! This is the perfect opportunity for communications professionals to leave an important and lasting impact on brands that are committed to “listening.”