Are You Spooked About Pushing Back on Senior Leaders?

It’s the “spooky season,” but that doesn’t mean you have to be afraid of pushing back when senior leaders ask you to develop external communications about an issue or topic you know is not aligned with the reality of what’s happening inside the organization. 😅

If you want to be the trusted advisor your company or client needs (and trust me, they need you to be that!), it’s important to be bold and counsel senior leaders when they’re off the mark. 

During an interview this week with Propel PR about corporate messaging that “makes a difference,” someone asked how PR pros can push back on leaders who think we’re only there to get media coverage.

My answer? Rely on great frameworks like the ones I use to train senior PR pros for communications planning and strategic messaging sessions. The backgrounding alone required for this work will give you a boost in confidence when it’s time to advise the C-Suite.

You should always see your communications role as something more than “order-taker” (info in-pitch out). When you do, you’ll break out of the PR=media box and demonstrate how truly impactful public relations can be for the entire organization.

Staying silent and “quietly quitting” on your company or clients means they’re not getting the best of you. It also means your joy for the work you do will fade. 

So don’t be scared to push back. Enhance your skills, grow, and speak up so you can offer the valuable communications insights you know you have! 

I’m rooting for you. 😃 

p.s. If you know strategy is your PR superpower, but you need help finding a way to access and use it so leaders understand the value – hit the button below to reply to schedule a chat!  I’m here to help you face the stuff that spooks you so you can have a greater impact with your work, become the trusted advisor organizations need and make more money.