Transform Your Impact as a Communications Pro!

Why do communications pros so often lack confidence in the value we bring to organizations?  

Data-driven tools can help, but let’s be real:

Unless we take the time to dive deeply into the tools or learn just enough to be dangerous so we can properly guide the experts supporting us, we’ll still doubt our impact.

That’s why it’s so critical to hone our communications skills both with knowledge about the tools and frameworks that yield great results. When we do, we’ll show up with confidence as the strategic advisor we’re meant to be.

Senior leaders will respect and value your expertise much more when they know there’s a method to your PR madness.

When I saw that clients had a tough time creating clear, concise, aligned messaging that their staff actually believed in, I perfected a framework to fill the gap. 

The PR and marketing pros I now mentor and train to lead messaging workshops using this framework with their own clients or companies share a lot in common:

  • They have amazing strategic brains that make them perfectly suited to do this work
  • They want to be trusted advisors for their clients and are deeply invested in their success
  • They are passionate about the power of communications to transform relationships
  • They want to make more money doing the kind of work they love

The main ingredient they lacked to accomplish all of the above? A solid framework. 

That’s the gap I want to fill for you.

My signature program, Corporate Messaging for Communicators, is a five-month “train-the-trainer” program where I teach you how to get buy-in, prepare for, and lead cross-departmental corporate messaging sessions. 

You’ll learn how to guide executives and their staff through workshops that result in clear, concise, aligned messaging that can be used everywhere they communicate, market, or sell – sales pitches, job descriptions, advertising, customer emails, websites, social media, media relations, and more. 

It’s the kind of deep-dive work that allows you to show the real power of communications beyond pitches and press releases. 

Click here to learn all the details.

After you apply, we’ll have a brief chat about your unique challenges and discuss how the program can help you transform your work with a powerful framework that leaves no doubt about your impact.

I can’t wait to share it with you!