Are You Missing This Crucial Piece of the Communications Puzzle?

I’m always inspired when I leave a corporate messaging session I’ve facilitated for a client.

After more than 10 years of leading these sessions, I know a few things will happen:

 ⭐️ Employees will leave feeling heard and valued

 ⭐️ Leaders will leave impressed and develop a greater appreciation for the process than they imagined

 ⭐️ I’ll leave with a treasure trove of insights to provide informed, honest counsel

In my program Corporate Messaging for Communicators, I train and mentor communications pros on my signature framework so they can facilitate them for their own company or clients. The mid-to-senior-level career folks who join the program have the basics of what they need to be successful: 

  • Access to senior leaders
  • A clear understanding of the importance of strategy
  • Experience leading meetings

But they’re also often missing one crucial piece of the puzzle – the confidence to show up unapologetically as the trusted advisor organizations need. 

Whether or not they will get buy-in from senior leaders is a common sticking point. They worry no one will listen to them, that people don’t really “get” what we do, and that our work isn’t really valued. They know more strategy is needed (and see the gaps in communications plaguing the organization), but aren’t sure how to effectively influence decision-making. If they work for themselves, these pros also want to bring in additional revenue with a premium offer senior leaders will value and pay them to deliver.

If this resonates with you, then you’re exactly the kind of person I had in mind when I designed this program!

After experiencing Corporate Messaging for Communicators, you’ll learn: 

  • Tools (that you will practice!) to empower you when it’s time to get buy-in from senior leaders or manage any high-stakes conversation
  • My signature 6-phase framework to help leaders and their staff uncover and agree on the ideal messaging
  • The optimal way to price corporate messaging sessions so you can add meaningful revenue to your business (if you’re a consultant)
  • How to guide participants to work together to identify and prioritize target audiences 
  • The steps to take after the workshop to develop and implement clear, aligned corporate messaging wherever the organization communicates, markets or sells

The program is robust and typically takes five months, but next month I’ll be offering a condensed, 2-day, in-person, highly interactive version.