How To Show Senior Leaders Your Value

Those of us in PR and marketing often joke about why being a best-kept secret isn’t necessarily a great thing.😕  

So when I think about how I can help PR pros build a purposeful and lucrative business by offering strategic services that allow them to play in their zone of genius and create the kind of life they love, it’s news I’m willing to share everywhere.

It’s certainly no secret that companies need strategic communications services if they ever hope to effectively engage key stakeholders and grow. But too many communications professionals doubt senior leaders will see them as the trusted expert they need to get them there. 

That has to change. 

You may be supporting organizations with the tactical day-to-day stuff, but I know you see the bigger picture. You know that without a larger, more comprehensive view of public relations, your company or clients will never realize their fullest potential. And you want that for them because you want to use your communications skills to make a difference in the world. You always have. Like me, you want your work to mean something.

So if you see it, who better than you to show them the way?

The challenge always boils down to that nagging voice in our heads telling us the higher-level work they need is “out of scope,” or “they won’t listen to me.” You’re not sure you see yourself in that role, let alone anyone else!

But I do. I see it clearly — especially when the PR pros in my corporate messaging program tell me “I actually charged more than we talked about” or “It went really well – the CEO wants to invite me to speak at XXX.” It’s confirmation that the kind of strategic communications work I do and teach to others should never be a best-kept secret.

And I know that having a great framework that gets results with someone in your corner who is fully invested in your success can make all the difference in you seeing more for yourself so you can step boldly into the strategic roles you want.

I’d love to share it with you. Click here to learn more about how I mentor and train PR professionals to lead cross-departmental corporate messaging sessions. You’ll learn how to do the kind of meaningful work you’ve dreamed about for fees you probably think are outside your reach (hint: they’re not).