Why A Great Framework Is Your Path To PRemium Revenue

I remember fretting that my son didn’t seem interested in inventing his own creations with Legos. He loved them and would spend hours building elaborate structures — but always from diagrams.

We’d try to get him to imagine something new. He wanted the framework. Most kids don’t realize they need structure. My son was fully aware of it.

I was so worried he liked “structure,” but later realized he was actually amazing at what he loved.

I also realized that I had been working with frameworks for years. So many communications pros don’t – and it keeps them from making more money.

The strategic communications planning process I use is totally based on a framework – a structure. 

When I saw clients had a tough time creating clear messaging that focused on the best of their brand and that got staff from multiple departments aligned, I perfected a framework for that.

And when I discovered during messaging sessions that senior leaders and their staff often lacked a clear understanding of the company’s core values and how they should be lived out, I created a framework for that, too.

The PR and marketing pros I now mentor and train to lead messaging workshops for their own clients or company share a lot in common:

  • They have amazing strategic brains that make them perfectly suited to do this work
  • They want to be trusted advisors for their clients and are deeply invested in their success
  • They are passionate about the power of communications to transform relationships
  • They want to make more money doing the kind of work they love

The main ingredient they lack to accomplish all of the above? A solid framework.

Even if they do manage messaging, it’s never comprehensive enough. They also aren’t sure how to properly position services like this to senior leaders so they can command the premium fees this kind of strategic work requires.

That’s the gap I want to fill for you.

Corporate Messaging for Communicators is a five-week “train-the-trainer” program where I teach you how to get buy-inprepare for, and lead cross-departmental corporate messaging sessions.

During the program, you’ll learn how to guide executives and their staff through workshops that result in clear, concise, aligned messaging that should be used everywhere the organization communicates – sales pitches, job descriptions, advertising, customer emails, websites, social media, media relations and more.

It’s the kind of deep-dive work that allows you to show them the true power of what you can do as a communicator.

I’m opening the door early on a new cohort I’ll be starting on January 17. I would love to have you join me!

The program includes five weekly mentoring sessions with me and a small group of communications leaders like you who want a safe space to share, learn and grow. You’ll also get access for one year to our exclusive powerhouse mastermind group for alumni.

Click here to learn all the details and to apply now.

If you’re a great fit for the program, I can’t wait to work with you!